5.000 USD/month

Qualify 50% of target: Get 30% of Supportive Fund & 3% of Sale Bonus.

Qualify 80% of target: Get 100% of Supportive Fund & 3% of Sale Bonus.

Qualify 150% of target: Get 150% of Supportive Fund & 4% of Sale Bonus.

Qualify over 200% of target: Get 200% of Supportive Fund & 5% of Sale Bonus.


Registered as an Agency with game admin

Must have a team of at least 50 verified (KYC) and activated license accounts in phase 2 of the project.

Must enroll a minimum of 5 leaders and support development for those 5 leaders.

Must understand the project and be able to present it via video.

Be able to plan the development in the registration area.

Reached the target set for each time of game development. Benefit


Fund to support development is from $5,000 USD to $10,000 USD (depending on the region and the target).

Bonus on revenue in distributing region upon reaching the set target of 3-5%.

Bonus on revenue upon connecting agencies in different regions.

Becoming CM if enroll 5 agencies and above.